SOL #31 Last Blog :(

So as you may know this is my last blog. But it doesn’t have to be so I might be blogging more then 31 days of March! I’m kinda sad but it’s kind of a relief! I have missed only 2 days! I’m very proud of myself! I’ve have had great blogs and not so great ones! So this blog is very short but at least it worth it!

SOL #30 Already A Bad Spring Break :(

So far my spring break has not been so well. First of all I left my iPad at school and I can’t really do my work but I find my ways! Luckily I can blog on my phone which what I’m doing right now. Second of all I have to clean up which I was not looking forward on doing! Third of all I’m just in a really bad mood and I don’t really feel like doing anything! So I hope your having a great spring break!

SOL #28 Frozen Yogurt !

I love frozen yogurt! Even gives me a brain freeze I still love  it! Also any toppings go well with it and all the flavors are delicious! I remember once I went to my friends birthday party and her uncle owned a frozen yogurt place and we got to get free frozen yogurt!

Do you like frozen yogurt?

SOL #27 Denny’s

This morning at 6:30 my sister, my mom and I went to Denny’s. We ate breakfast there it was really good.

The waitress comes and she gives us the kids menu. I say “Nah I rather not order off of there but I will like some crayons to draw on the paper!

She says “Sorry we don’t have any crayons!” I look at her in confusion and terror “My mom says let’s just look on my phone to see more open apartments”

So she brings me my orange juice, my moms coffe and my sisters fruit punch! Then we’re ready to order.

I order a cinnamon roll pancakes with some hash browns, grits and bacon. My sister orders a les des leches pancakes (sorry if I didn’t spell that’s right please correct me in the comments!)

My mom orders French toast sticks with eggs, bacon and hash browns.

So we are done eating and the man at the counter says “You know I didn’t really get to eat all of this before I went to school all I used to eat was pop tarts and oatmeal, now you girls have to go to school and get all A’s!”

My sister and I laughed and we were heading to school to get our A!

Have you ever went to Denny’s if you did what do you like best breakfast, lunch or dinner?

SOL #26 My Opinion On Life- How Life Should Be

When you think of life you think of everything should be equal right? Well in my opinion I feel like life should be equal but not all the time! So say if somebody committed a really bad crime, and say if another person did the exactsame thing just a year later on the same day. But the punishment is way different. But why is it different. Well because people have thought about ways to solve things better. In my opinion I think life should be lived how people treat others good but good when they want to. I want people to express themselves and not just be fake. Say what you have to say not what other people want to come out your mouth. You should be able to walk out on the street without a police car right around the corner watching your school because something bad just happened. You should be able to walk to school by yourself without your parents driving you because a couple of days ago somebody just got kidnapped. This is me expressing how life should be like.

SOL #25 My Favorite Holidayy

My favorite holidayy is my birthday. I know it’s not a real holidayy but I it is in my book. You might be wondering why I put extra y behind holiday but that’s because since my birthday is a holiday it’s extra special! So why is my birthday my favorite holidayy well because it’s like every holidayy put together. So like you get presents on Christmas! What else do you get presents on! That’s right birthdays!! Also you get a bunch of food and stuff on thanks giving right! What else do you get a bunch of food on! Birthdays! Those are my reasons for why Christmas is my favorite holidayy!

Whats your favorite holidayy?

SOL #24 Friends <3

This blog is just about me bragging on my friends! To be honest I truly feel like my class is my friends. Why? We each have our own little moments that we can never just can forget! We each have something in common!

I know this was a very short blog! But that’s just a moment that I needed to share!

SOL #23 Favorite Food

If you were wondering what’s my favorite food, well I’m going to tell you. My favorite food is sushi! Why? Well because I really like all the flavors and it’s not too salty for me. My best part about sushi is the seaweed! I like the flaky texture and it goes well with the rice and the  fish. That’s why sushi is my favorite food!

Whats your favorite food?

SOL #22 My Favorite Number

You know how sometimes you see something so often almost like it’s a sign? Well I often see the number 6. Let me tell you how, first of all my name has three sixes in it. Let me show you Aubrey Sha-Sha Walker. Now count that and right it’s all six! Another thing we have class room numbers. My number is 26. I mean it might be a mistake. Now my birth month is July 29 but it’s not really a 6 so let’s just move on. So far I have been in 6 grades. Okay I just made that one up. I probably don’t have anymore but when I think I’ll update you.

Whats your lucky number?